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Re: Note to Plesiosaur Artists

KCarpenter@dmns.org (Ken Carpenter) posts:

<< Dan stated: "that are showing the same error."  But did not state what the 
error is. So I ask again, what error? >>

       I said: 
<<I suspect the reason is that folks 
are using the Sternberg Museum specimen assembled and studied by Orville 
Bonner as is. The skull is dorsoventrally crushed and adjustments should be 
or you'll end up with a Tex Avery polycotylid. >>

       I am saying that adjustments are not being made for dorsoventral 
distortion of the skull of that particular specimen, if indeed that specimen is 
being used for the restoration. See:


I'm seeing some very flattened heads in recent restorations. Tex Avery is a 
famous director of cartoons in which his characters are often distorted by 
impacts of varying degree. This photo of the holotype skull should (hopefully) 
show a more correct profile:


I will not mention which artworks I'm referring to, as I hope this will be an 
aid rather than a criticism. Now back to painting mosasaurs that look like 
they're wearing rubber suits... DV