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Re: pterosaur wings & ornithopter toys

James R. Cunningham wrote:
> Pretty much, no similarity.  Actually, there are a few vague similarities and
> there could be a lot more if the ornithopter membranes and support were
> structured like those of pterosaurs.  I'll respond to this in more
> detail next week (if you remind me).  I'm desperately trying to finish
> up the text for the sail-glide skimming talk that we're giving at the
> APS conference in New Jersey Sunday morning.
> Jim
> David Peters wrote:
> >
> > Silly question, I suppose, but I have to ask.
> >
> > Aerodynamically what are the similarities and differences between
> > pterosaur wings and bird-shaped ornithopters (those wind-up flapping
> > flying toys with a rather stiff anterior spar and rather loose trailing
> > edge)?
> >
> > David Peters
> > St. Louis