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Big models of dinos

Hi folks,
Just passing through.  I have been off-list for a couple years, but I
thought that some subscribers might find this interesting.  I hope I'm
not repeating old news (Although I didn't check the archives.  My bad).

Normally, I don't pay much attention to dino models.  Most are much too
stylized (even the better examples).  But I recently discovered and
purchased the following:

T. rex skull (skeletal)
1/10 scale
GeoLinea Replicas
$13.00 US out-the-door.

The models are realistic, comparable to the quality of the Japanese
fleshed-out models which we are all aware of.  But there are a few
omissions in the GeoLinea models (for example, suture lines are not
always clear, or they are totally missing in places).  Having said that,
as consumer-level models, they aren't that bad.  You can buy a more
accurate museum-quality model elsewhere, but you will be paying a lot
more than $13.00.  The skull comes in three pieces, so minimal assembly
is required. GeoLinea is a well-known Italian company.

They also make an entire 1/10 scale T. rex skeleton (3.6 feet long) for
$100.00 US(assembly required), and entire sauropod skeletons for the same
price.  "Big" is the only way to manufacture a model if you want it to
look realistic.  All skeletal elements are advertized as being in the
proper proportions.  For artists on the list, the skeletons would make an
excellent framework for clay sculpture.

For more general info on the company, see:

I bought my model in a Bellingham, WA store, and unfortunately, I don't
know the American distributor.  I am not affiliated with the company in
any way.  I'm just a satisfied buyer.

Hope all is well on the dinosaur list.


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