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Good day to all!
I'm proud to announce that the Czech republic has its own dinosaur. So far 
there was only a find of the tridactyl coelurosaurian footprint, but now we 
have bones. An amateur fossil collector found an isolated femur some time ago. 
National museum team have than excavated more parts of an incomplete skeleton. 
The dinosaur is an iguanodontid, lived 94 Ma ago and was only about 4 m long (2 
m tall at the hips), which is strange, since it was probably adult. If it was 
*Iguanodon*, then probably (as paleontologist Fejfar thinks) "island dwarf 
form" (most of the Cretaceous period there was much water and a few islands 
here). Unfortunately the only info I have so far is from the TV news, but I'll 
know much more later this day. Preserved parts of the skeleton are femur, tibia 
(?), some vertebrae and a partial skull. Because it was found in the fluvial 
deposits, it's probable that the dinosaur carcass was carried away by a river 
stream and this way perhaps traveled for many kilometers,!
efore it was finally buried (as Fejfar have said to journalists).
                                Have a nice day      
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