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Dinosaur Planet * South Pole dinosaur hunt * 7-foot-long Triceratops skull * Flies key to evolution study * Debate alive and kicking

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**  Dinosaurs from China on display
The meat-eating Dilophosaurus, near the entrance to the exhibit, was found
in both China and Arizona

**  Flies key to evolution study
A major study of man's constant companion could have important implications
for the development of evolutionary theory

**  No dino bones about it: Debate alive and kicking
The killer asteroid that may have doomed the dinosaurs 65 million years ago
is still making a lot of noise, at least among scientists

**  Feature Site: Cleveland-Lloyd  Dinosaur Quarry
Twenty right-hand curves and eighteen left-hand curves later you pass
through an open gate, over a cattle guard, one more left-hand curve and a
brown building is suddenly visible


**  Coming Dec 14th: Dinosaur Planet
Utah Museum of Natural History curator and paleontologist Scott Sampson
plays dino-detective between segments, exploring the evidence behind the
recreations - while actor Christian Slater narrates each adventure

**  Dinosaur park a roaring success
Norfolk's Dinosaur Adventure Park has trampled its own records yet again
with another monster-sized season

**  Other Fossils: 350-Million-Year-Old Fossils Found in Pa.
All are denizens of the late Devonian period dating to some 350 million to
360 million years ago

**  Albertan joins South Pole dinosaur hunt
Currie is on his way to a dinosaur dig 600 kilometres from the South Pole at
the invitation of U.S. paleontologist Bill Hammer from the Fryxell Geology
Museum in Illinois

**  Museum unveils 7-foot-long Triceratops skull
Children let out a collective "wow" as the Museum of Nature & Science
unveiled its newest dinosaur fossil Monday, a seven-foot long, 1,000-pound
Triceratops skull.

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