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Re: The first Czech dinosaur

"Pronerosteus" (Procerosaurus exogyrarum + Iquanodon exogyrarum) are bassically describing the same material, which is based on possible scrappy dinosaurian material, that is undiagnostic. I have no idea about the footprint(s) though.

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From: Vladimír  Socha <Seismosaurus@seznam.cz>
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Subject: Re: The first Czech dinosaur
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2003 12:25:18 +0100 (CET)

> your report is incorrect in two ways - the new > ornithopod is not the first one found in Czechia (why > do you use Cz. republic, I do not use French > republic?), there are scraps named by Fritsch in the > 19th century - one of which renamed by Olshevsky - I > think they are exhibited in Prague's museum. > Second, the "coelurosaur" (unnatural group, to be > shown very soon) footprint - Coelurosaurichnus - is > from High Tatras (Carpatian Mountains) which is now > Slovakia - if not found in Poland. > > Jean-Pierre D'Amour

No,no,no. Both *Albisaurus scutifer* and *Procerosaurus exogyrarum* aren't dinosaurs. The first is alligator, the second...god knows.
The footprint I have mentioned is not *Coelurosaurichnus tatricus* but other one found in the early 1990's near Cerveny kostelec here in the CZE.

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