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Re: Disney's RoboRaptor 9 Foot Tall Toy

There was a very well preserved fossil of a gallamimus pulling a flower cart
found recently in the outskirts of Adelaide, Australia.  The Director of the
Musiem of Oddities verified the find by saying "Well by gum, dont that beat
all, that there lizzard is selling flowers"  Scientists a puzzeled by the
glass bead like things in the gallimimuss mouth but suspect that the fossil
was of the Gallamimus Pygmalion

Justin Kennard
A worry to many
Suprime Wit
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> Question: so what is the extent of the fossil record on flower carts, I
have yet to hear of those finds... :)
> "Richard W. Travsky" <rtravsky@uwyo.edu> wrote:Disney's web site is
supposed to have more info but a cursory search
> didn't show it.
> You should follow this link if only to see the picture of the thing...
> http://www.time.com/time/2003/inventions/invdinosaur.html
> It took 21st century technology to create what nature had by the Triassic
> period: a free-range dinosaur. Built by Walt Disney Imagineering, this
> friendly fellow goes by the name Lucky. He's 9 ft. tall, and unlike his
> animatronic ancestors (which date to the singing birds and flowers in
> Disneyland's Enchanted Tiki Room that opened in 1963), Lucky wanders on
> his own, untethered by any wires and cables. He can laugh, sneeze, smile,
> yell and sign autographs, and once in a while, he gets the hiccups.
> What's his secret? His brain resides not in that cute little head of his
> but in the flower cart he's pulling behind him.
> Availability: Currently being play-tested
> (play tested? with something like this big I have to wonder what that
> entails...)
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