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Dinosaur Planet: Updated Website


Discovery Channel has updated its website for the forthcoming Dinosaur
Planet series.  The premise is now apparent: it is a look at different parts
of the world at roughly the same time (Campanian). Featured
localities/formations are the Djadokhta and equivalents (Prenocephale,
Velociraptor, Shuvuuia, and Protoceratops), Two Medicine (Einiosaurus,
Maiasaura, Daspletosaurus, Troodon, and Orodromeus)  various European units
(Rhabdodon (incorrectly labeled "Iguanodon" on the link, but correctly
identified in the text), Ichthyornis (?!?), Pyroraptor (like that's a figure
well-constrained by evidence), and Tarascosaurus), and the Rio Colorado
(Alvarezsaurus, Aucasaurus, Saltasaurus, a notosuchid, and (oddly)

Images can be found at:

Video clips are also available.  Scott Sampson is serving as talking head in
one scene, showing titanosaur eggs and discussing some implications.

Maniraptorans are all nice and feathery.  Nostrils are (generally) small and
anteriorly placed.

Looks like it could be very cool.

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