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Re: Dinosaur Planet: Updated Website

Some very nice rendering... nice to see fully feathered maniraptorans. 
Some of the little factoids are nice, but...

"Paleontologist Othniel Charles Marsh first described _Ichthyornis_ in
1872 based on fossil evidence."

Er... what other kind of evidence would it have been? ;-)

-Andrea Kirk

> Greetings,
> Discovery Channel has updated its website for the forthcoming Dinosaur
> Planet series.  The premise is now apparent: it is a look at different
> parts
> of the world at roughly the same time (Campanian). Featured
> localities/formations are the Djadokhta and equivalents (Prenocephale,
> Velociraptor, Shuvuuia, and Protoceratops), Two Medicine (Einiosaurus,
> Maiasaura, Daspletosaurus, Troodon, and Orodromeus)  various European
> units
> (Rhabdodon (incorrectly labeled "Iguanodon" on the link, but correctly
> identified in the text), Ichthyornis (?!?), Pyroraptor (like that's a
> figure
> well-constrained by evidence), and Tarascosaurus), and the Rio Colorado
> (Alvarezsaurus, Aucasaurus, Saltasaurus, a notosuchid, and (oddly)
> Carcharodontosaurus).
> Images can be found at:
> http://dsc.discovery.com/convergence/dinosaurplanet/dinos/dinos.html
> http://dsc.discovery.com/convergence/dinosaurplanet/dinos/dinos2.html
> Video clips are also available.  Scott Sampson is serving as talking head
> in
> one scene, showing titanosaur eggs and discussing some implications.
> Maniraptorans are all nice and feathery.  Nostrils are (generally) small
> and
> anteriorly placed.
> Looks like it could be very cool.
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