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Re: Dinosaur Planet: Updated Website

Thomas Holtz wrote-

> various European units
> (Rhabdodon (incorrectly labeled "Iguanodon" on the link, but correctly
> identified in the text), Ichthyornis (?!?),

This is probably in reference to-

unnamed carinate (Dyke, Dortangs, Jagt, Mulder, Schulp and Chiappe, 2002)
Late Maastruchtian, Late Cretaceous
Valkenburg Member of Maastricht Formation, Belgium
Material- (NHMM/RD 271) jugals?, partial quadrate, tooth, partial mandibles,
three dorsal vertebrae, partial scapula, proximal coracoid, partial humerus
(98 mm), distal ulna, proximal tarsal, proximal tarsometatarsus
Reference- Dyke, Dortangs, Jagt, Mulder, Schulp and Chiappe, 2002. Europe's
last Mesozoic bird. Naturwissenschaften. 89 408-411.

Which is supposed to resemble Ichthyornis quite closely.

Regarding the general quality of the series, I agree it appears quite high.
When "that Oviraptor philoceratops is Citipati sp." is the best complaint
you can come up with, you know something's being done right.  Okay... my
urge to critique is just too great...
Prenocephale- In the video, they were claimed to have spines built for
impacts, but if I recall correctly, the new Stygimoloch/Pachycephalosaurus
specimen showed the opposite.
Protoceratops- "The first dinosaur eggs ever found belonged to this
No, they were Oviraptor eggs.
Velociraptor- has too many dentary teeth (21 vs. 14-15).
Rhabdodon- isn't an iguanodontid.
Tarascosaurus- abelisaurs should have four fingers.
What's this "dwarf dromaeosaur" based on?
Daspletosaurus- had teeth larger than Tyrannosaurus?
Aucasaurus- was three feet tall?
Carcharodontosaurus- has no vidence for being larger than Tyrannosaurus.

But hey, that's paltry compared to the inaccuracies one would expect.  And
you gotta appreciate all the "probably's", "perhaps'" and "may have's".
Looking forward to it...

Mickey Mortimer