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Re: Dinosaur Planet: Updated Website

1. Troodon formosus is really cute in their restoration, but I doubt it stood 
as tall as a man.
2. It seems like the tail aught to be longer in Alvarezsaurus, than restored 
here, considering the new specimens of Shuvuuia.
3. Aucasaurus was described in 2002, not 1999. CMIIW
4. It's not a member of the Abelisaur genus. *urgh*
5. The page on Carcharodontosaurus says it is known from Egypt, Morocco, 
Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, and Niger. Last I checked, none of those are in the 
6. Carcharodontosaurus means "shark-toothed lizard", not "shark lizard", IIRC.
7. The wrist of Maiasaura looks like it was restored a little too skinny for 
walking on. ;-)
8. Pyroraptor is said to closely resemble the small, birdlike dinosaurs found 
in China. I don't think they conveyed that very well into the restoration. 
Looks like a dromaeosaurid bear somehow. And how long is "8½ feet"?
9. On the quiz, it asks where the first dinosaur skeleton ever found was. But 
it only offers Montana, Mongolia's Gobi Desert, New Jersey, and Mexico as 

I got a 90 of 100 on the quiz, because I didn't know how long dinosaurs could 
live. Is there a paper discussing that sauropods could have lived for more than 
a century? :-S

Nick Gardner
aim s/n Eoraptor22

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