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Re: Dinosaur Planet: Updated Website

Where is that website??? :-9

> 3. Aucasaurus was described in 2002, not 1999. CMIIW

Well, the name was mentioned in the book Walking on Eggs... I don't know how
old that is.

> 5. The page on Carcharodontosaurus says it is known from Egypt, Morocco,
Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, and Niger. Last I checked, none of those are in the


> 6. Carcharodontosaurus means "shark-toothed lizard", not "shark lizard",

Neither nor... *Carcharodon carcharias* is the great white shark.

> 9. On the quiz, it asks where the first dinosaur skeleton ever found was.
But it only offers Montana, Mongolia's Gobi Desert, New Jersey, and Mexico
as options.

Well... if they mean _complete_ skeleton... perhaps Montana.

> I got a 90 of 100 on the quiz, because I didn't know how long dinosaurs
could live. Is there a paper discussing that sauropods could have lived for
more than a century? :-S