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Re: Dinosaur Planet: Updated Website

Jaime Headden wrote-

>   Given that Triebold's data, while exposed and variously produced on film
> and in abstract form, has yet to be published. The neck, while largely
> close to complete, competes with a near absence of cervical vertebrae in
> other pachycephalosaurids, from *Goyocephale* to *Prenocephale.* So while
> Triebold's work may suggest this for *Pachycephalosaurus* (the dome as
> reconstructed kinda rules it out to the same dome referred to
> *Stigymoloch*) or whatever the species is, but not for other species.
> Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

A poor excuse.  If one pachycephalosaur with a well developed dome lacks
these specializations, why should another have them, even hypothetically?  I
may not be able to prove Prenocephale had such cervical specialiations, but
it's most parsimonious to conclude it lacked them.

> <Tarascosaurus- abelisaurs should have four fingers.>
>   Based on what, *Rajasaurus* with three large fingers where the "fourth"
> would not have been exposed, making it look just as tridactyle as any
> carnosaur? :)

There are no described manual remains of Rajasaurus, but if you have
unpublished data, perhaps you'd like to share it.
I was actually basing my assertion on Aucasaurus, which has four fingers
that each seem long and divergent enough to be visible in life.

> <Carcharodontosaurus- has no vidence for being larger than Tyrannosaurus.>
>   Longer to some equals larger; data may still circulate from the
> suggestions and variopus mounts that imply a skull longer that
> *Tyrannosaurus',* so it's not hard to say Carch was bigger than Rex.

And my calculations suggests described Carcharodontosaurus individuals were
shorter than described Tyrannosaurus individuals too.

Mickey Mortimer