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Re: MORE "Dinosaur Planet"dinosaurs!!!(This time with feathers)


> However, I do not particularly agree
> that all small theropods should automatically be covered in feathers.The
> evidence for feathered dromaeosaurs,such as "Dave" and the recent "four
> winged dinosaur"is questionable to me,because they came from the same
> (even the same quarry)as the infamous"Archaeoraptor".The feather
> on the fossils may have been doctored prior to being sold at those mineral
> shows.There are ways to do this as demonstrated on a cheesy show made by
> Arthur C.Clark,claiming that Archaeopteryx was a hoax.* (We all know that
> claim was not true,but a method of making feather impressions on fossils
> using modern feathers was shown.)The only Chinese fossils with feather
> impressions that I totally beleve are those like Caudipteryx and
> Protarchaeopteryx,which I am not totally convinced are dinosaurs,rather
> primitive flightless birds.As for the "protofeathers"of the likes of
> Sinosauropteryx ,I believe that there is as much of a chance that the
> of what appears to be some kind of integuement are actually traces of
> decayed connective tissue.I cannot say that there is no possibility that
> birds are descended from dinosaurs,but I do not believe that we have such
> incontrovertible evidence for the idea.

And let the firing begin! ;-)

Mickey Mortimer