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Fw: Dinosaur Planet: Updated Website

Hello list members

I would like to make another critic to this program, or at least if i'm well
informed, the material of
tarascosaurus are just a femur, and vertebrae and were described around 1990
by LeLoeuff and
probably Buffetaut, so my critic it's to make a reconstruction of this
animal when it's not well know,
and if you see the heads of the abelisaurids they're odd, could have a horn
like rajasaurus or majungatholus, two horns like carnotaurus or bumps like
aucasaurus, so i think it's too speculative
to make that reconstruction specially of the head, and well it's too bad
that lately we find books with
many restoration of really poorly known dinosaurus, or we see skeletons like
deltadromeus with
a imaginative skull. well for me that's not good, even that i dream of
bahariasaurus, spinosaurus and many others i need to put my mind in the
ground and hope that the scientist will find more remains of this animals
and not to try to make my imaginative reconstruction, i specially disagree
when they made reconstructions of the head, cause of the body you could find
some similiraties with dinosaurs of the same family.
but the head of this animal could have something different there, we got the
apatosaurus head problem for many years.

so that's my critic, well  i don't know if there are more findings in
in press or in preparation, but well that's my point of view.

sorry for my mistakes


David Carrizosa