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Re: MORE "Dinosaur Planet"dinosaurs!!!(This time with feathers)

> Lingham-Soliar's recent papers on this have not been well accepted, to say
> the least.
> A couple questions....
> 1. Why do other Yixian vertebrates not show collagen remains?  Not
> Psittacosaurus, or Hyphalosaurus, or the turtles, or mammals....

There are turtles? -- Anyway, the mammals are preserved with hair; but the
frogs, newts etc. are preserved without feathers or anything similar, and
the champsosaur *Monjurosuchus* is preserved _with scales_. (Like

> 2. Why are the collagen remains of coelurosaurs nearly identical to
> preserved Yixian bird and dromaeosaur feathers?  What's the reason to
> believe they are collagen?

3. Why should terrestrial running animals have ludicrously thick layers of
connective tissue in their skin, like what whales and ichthyosaurs* have as
an adaptation to highly efficient swimming?

* As Lingham-Soliar has shown in several papers.