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A Converter to the Birds are Dinosaurs Camp(I'VE SEEN THE LIGHT!!!)

To Mickey Mortimer,
Nick Pharris...

Upon looking at all the evidence you have shown me regarding the
bird/dinosaur relationship,I have come to a simple conclusion:


After taking a closer look at Caudipteryx and Protarchaeopteryx,those two
alone shows enough features in common with theropod dinosaurs that no other
animal has to warrant the notion that birds had evolved directly from
theropod dinosaur ancestors.
Since that seems almost certainly the case,then by modern
classification(which goes by ancestry,rather than physical
characteristics,if I'm not mistaken)that would make them (as well as all
other,including modern birds) dinosaurs as you've all been saying all along.
I've also been rethinking about the decayed collagen issue as well.The
integument traces do seem to be to well placed around the body for the more
random pattern of decayed connective tissue.
 Also,I find it more than a little hard to swallow that the vast majority of
the scientific community who agree with the idea are either liars or
delusional fools.This many people in agreement MUST BE ON TO SOMETHING!
Fedducia and his camp do seem to be grasping at straws lately,when
challenging this notion.
John Bridgman