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Re: A Converter to the Birds are Dinosaurs Camp(I'VE SEEN THE LIGHT!!!)

--- John Bridgman wrote:

>To Mickey Mortimer,
>Nick Pharris...
>Upon looking at all the evidence you have 
> shown me regarding the
>bird/dinosaur relationship,I have come to a 
> simple conclusion:


> Since that seems almost certainly the case,
> then by modern classification(which goes by 
> ancestry,rather than physical characteristics,
> if I'm not mistaken)that would make them (as 
> well as all other,including modern birds) 
> dinosaurs as you've all been saying all along.

Actually, phylogenetic classification is based on cladistic analyses which most 
often study physical characteristics, we've just done away with the pointless 
bewildering array of ranks.


Nick Gardner
Aim s/n Eoraptor22

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