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Re: MORE "Dinosaur Planet"dinosaurs!!!(This time with feathers)

--- David Marjanovic wrote:
>And still dinosaurs.
>Birds are dinosaurs, just like bats are mammals. :-)

That's sort of irrelevant as I meant that NGMC 91 was not necessarily the most 
non-avian dinosaur known with feathers. ^_^

>[referring to Sinosauropteryx]
>Some specimens of it, yes.

The first two, presumedly.

> (The original fossil of *M. gui*. Not that
> of *M. zhaoianus*, which is the
>type species of *Microraptor* as a whole.)

I assumed we were only referring to Microraptor gui.

> That's not enough. You must find _more_ such
> ones than there are which support the position
> of *C.* as an oviraptorosaur. And if you claim
> that birds including *C.* are not dinosaurs,
>  then you must bring forth another
> 100 or so features. (Which Feduccia has never
> done.)

Ah thank you. I guess I didn't think it out all the way when typing.


Nick Gardner
Aim s/n Eoraptor22

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