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Museum Curator Admits Collecting Fossils Illegally * World's Largest Wishbone * Utah Dinosaur Museum * Dinosaurs In The New Millennium

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**  Curator at museum admits collecting fossils illegally
A key leader in building the extensive fossil collection at the University
of Washington's Burke Museum has agreed to retire after admitting he took
fossils illegally from the Hanford Reach National Monument.

**  Feature Site: Mesozoic Marine Monsters of the Mangahouanga
Most of the photographs in this site have been kindly provided by Joan
Wiffen, New Zealand's "Dinosaur Woman", and it is to her that the New
Zealand's modern renaissance in Cretaceous vertebrate palaeontology is
founded, and largely continues

**  Tourists to follow in dinosaurs' footsteps
The remains of Australia's largest dinosaur was discovered in the area two
years ago and a range of other dinosaurs and marine fossils have also been

**  Lucky, the roving Robo-raptor
It took 21st century technology to create what nature had by the Triassic
period: a free-range dinosaur

**  First Dinosaur Brain Tumor Found, Experts Suggest
"This is the most damage I've ever seen in a skeleton where the animal
survived," said paleontologist Peter Larson of the Black Hills Institute for
Geological Research in Hill City, South Dakota

**  Other Fossil news: World's Oldest Food Store
Scientists in Germany have announced the discovery of a petrified hoard of
17-million-year-old nuts they say form the oldest known cache of stored food


**  Meteorite blamed in mass extinction before dinosaurs
Researchers studying rocks from Antarctica have found chemical evidence that
a huge meteorite smashed the Earth 251 million years ago and caused the
greatest extinction event in the planet's history, killing about 90 percent
of all life.

**  Our own dinosaur museum is in the offing
While plans for the museum have not yet been finalized, preliminary
discussions have the facility costing upwards of $10 million and being built
on the Pipestone Creek Park dinosaur bone bed, located 28 kilometres west of
Grande Prairie

**  Dinosaur Museum to Open in Utah
There are about 600,000 items in Dinosaur National Monument's collections
now scattered in 17 different locations, some of which do not meet federal

**  World's largest wishbone at The Children's Museum of Indianapolis

**  Third Graders Can Become Dino-Ambassadors

**  Dinosaurs in the New Millennium

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