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Questions regarding species of Styracosaurus

I have a few questions regarding some specimens of the

First,is the skeleton of this genus on display in the American Museum of
Natural History(which I understand has a skull that is heavily reconstructed
with plaster) the female form of S.albertensis,or does it represent a
different species like (taking wild guesses here) S.parksi (if even
valid),or S.ovatus?

Second,do any of the Styracosaurus bonebeds have specimens that have both
the Centrosaurus like skulls as in the AMNH specimen (if all the Centrosurus
like features aren't just part of the plaster reconstruction,I don't know)
AND those with skulls shaped like that on the S.albetensis skeleton at the
Canadian Museum of Nature in the same bonebed?

                                           John Bridgman