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Re: Styracosaurus

From: "TIMOTHY BRIDGEMAN" <timlee3005@earthlink.net>

I forgot to ask this last time,apart from size difference,how is S.ovatus
distinguished from S.albertensis?

By frill features, mostly. Quickly, from Glut's encyclopedia:
"Distinguished from S. albertensis by features of frill: Third-position frill process closer at base, converging (diverging in S. albertensis) toward their tip; wider first and second processes at base, between them rounded-edged margin of frill (processes in contact in S. albertensis; frill with vascular impressions (surface is smooth in type species) [?ontogenetic feature] (Gilmore 1930)."

Is this the aforementioned dorsal-ventrally crushed type skull?I have
noticed the general flatness of it.

Yes, though the crushing isn't all that bad.

>I've been told by Thom Holmes that they will soon be taking the mount down and describing it.

Yes, it's been taken down already and is in the prep room as I type this. 'Bout damn time, too!
(And it's Rob Holmes, by the way ;)

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