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help with mystery mosasaur skull.

The National Dinosaur Museum has a lovely Mosasaur replica skull sitting on a wall witrh the title under it


To the hard question, does anyone know the species name of a famous crushed mosasaur skull that was originally dubbed the beast of ????

(Oh MY GOD! I sound like one of those idiots in a music shop..."do you have the song that goes dum de dum diddle dum)

The replica is about four feet long, and has been severaly crushed. I have looked everywhere, done web searches on mosasaur skulls and can not find it anyhwere...for the love of all thats good, please help me...or I'll have to ask even vaguer questions!! :P

Thansk in advance

Phil Hore

National Dinosaur Museum

Canberra, Australia

ph (02) 62302655

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>From: "Alessandro"
>Reply-To: iguanodontia@yahoo.it
>Subject: J.J. Head address
>Date: Fri, 28 Nov 2003 17:29:57 +0100
>Dear Listmembers please could someone tell me the email-address of Jason
>Head, the describers of Protohadros?
>Please reply off-list
>Alessandro Marisa
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>email: iguanodontia@yahoo.it

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