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Re: Questions about the arrangement of armor on Saichania

On Fri, 28 Nov 2003, TIMOTHY BRIDGEMAN wrote:
> I've noticed that the mounted skeleton of Saichania chulsanensis (on this
> page, www.dinonakasato.org/en/special97/Saic-e.html ) shows small bony studs

correct link


with a hyphen.  cool pics

> covering all of it's legs and fused plates of armor covering it's
> sides,unlike other restorations Iv'e seen,where the armor was arranged as in
> this picture found here(
> www.yahooligans.com/content/dinosaurs/dino_card/405.html ).

This site doesn't seem to exist no matter how I tweak it.

> Was the armor found around any specimens arranged like that of the mounted
> skeleton,or is it just a possible arrangement?
> Thanks,
> John Bridgman