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Re: Questions about the arrangement of armor on Saichania

Yes indeed the armor is known. The same specimen is seen just before the 
Foreward in Louie Psihoyos' "Hunting Dinosaurs". It shows the elbow cluster.
By the way, your Yahoo link does not work.
Kenneth Carpenter

>>> "TIMOTHY BRIDGEMAN" <timlee3005@earthlink.net> 11/28/03 20:12 PM >>>

I've noticed that the mounted skeleton of Saichania chulsanensis (on this
page, www.dinonakasato.org/en/special97/Saic-e.html ) shows small bony studs
covering all of it's legs and fused plates of armor covering it's
sides,unlike other restorations Iv'e seen,where the armor was arranged as in
this picture found here(
www.yahooligans.com/content/dinosaurs/dino_card/405.html ).
Was the armor found around any specimens arranged like that of the mounted
skeleton,or is it just a possible arrangement?

John Bridgman