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Re: Heptasteornis andrewsi

Hello again everyone in Dinosaur land,
After my recent quarry over the inspiriation of the species portion of the name _Heptasteornis andrewsi_ went unanswered, I figured I should dig deeper and find the answer myself. While researching _Heptasteornis_, _Elopteryx_ came up several times, sometimes as a junior synonym, sometimes as a senior synonym, and sometimes simply in the same sentence concerning little known European Theropods. Slowly it dawned on me that the namer of _Elopteryx_ is a C. W. Andrews.
Is this the sought after inspiration for _H. andrewsi_?
Does it have something to do with these two individuals being unified? Or because both were initially mistaken for common Aves?
Everyone, fell free to respond to any one the above questions. Or if you wish, feel free to responded with a simple, "Duh!"
Tommy Bradley (former user of HtomSirveaux@mybluelight.com, for the MSTies out there!)

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