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Re: Suspicions of Integument on Pelicanimimus After All

From: "TIMOTHY BRIDGEMAN" <timlee3005@earthlink.net>

So far I've seen evidence (or good reason to believe) for feathery integument in the
compsognathids(Sinosauropteryx),dromaeosaurs(Sinornithosaurus "Dave"),troodontids(Microraptor >seems to share features in common with this group,as well as the dromaeosaurs),oviraptorsaurs (Caudipteryx and Protarchaeopteryx as Mickey Mortimer pointed out to me),and now the >ornithomimids(Pelicanimimus).

Not to mention the therizinosaurs (Beipiaosaurus).

And as I've been out of the loop lately with respect "higher" theropod phylogeny, is Microraptor no longer considered to be a basal dromaeosaurid?

Jordan Mallon

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Vertebrate Paleontology & Paleoecology

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