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Re: Suspicions of Integument on Pelicanimimus After All

John Bridgman wrote-

> The skin impressions on the anterior part of Pelicanimimus polyodon show
> to be smooth,with neither feathery integument OR scales.Am I justified in
> the thought that (due to lack of scales,where as all other impressions
> didn't show feathers DID show scales) maybe any integument it may have had
> was simply not preserved in this particular specimen?

See http://www.cmnh.org/dinoarch/2003Apr/msg00268.html
Skin is preserved on the throat pouch at least, and perhaps other areas as
well.  It hasn't been reported in detail yet.  There's no reason to suppose
the throat pouch was originally feathered, as many living birds have naked
skin on that area.

Mickey Mortimer