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Re: Suspicions of Integument on Pelicanimimus After All

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From: "Jordan Mallon" <j_mallon@hotmail.com>
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Sent: Sunday, November 30, 2003 10:47 PM
Subject: Re: Suspicions of Integument on Pelicanimimus After All

> >From: "TIMOTHY BRIDGEMAN" timlee3005@earthlink.net<<
> >So far I've seen evidence (or good reason to believe) for feathery
integument in the
"Dave"),troodontids(Microraptor seems to share features in common with
this group,as well as the dromaeosaurs),oviraptorsaurs (Caudipteryx and
Protarchaeopteryx as Mickey Mortimer pointed out to me),and now the

> Not to mention the therizinosaurs (Beipiaosaurus).<

I had forgotten about the therizinosaurs.That makes SIX groups of feathered

> And as I've been out of the loop lately with respect "higher" theropod
 phylogeny, is Microraptor no longer considered to be a basal

The old version of the Dinosauricon states in the Microraptor section:
"Although the authors classified this species as a dromaeosaurid,it has
troodontid features (arctometatarsalian pes,"waisted" teeth,maxilla
bordering naris,closely packed dentary teeth) and avialan features
(Rahonavis-like ischium,avian features of the teeth,maxilla bordering naris)
as well.Some features (rod-like extentions of prezygaopohyses which stiffen
the tail,large second pedal ungual) are dromaeosaurid-like.Hopefully,this
species can shed light on how the three groups are related to each other.
Wherever this species belongs,it does not appear to be avian,and thus
dispels notions that dinosaurs were to big to be bird ancestors.(This
species is smaller than Archaeopteryx,the most primitive bird known.)"

*Even I never thought that size was a good argument against theropod
ancestry of birds!!!*

Hope this helps,
John Bridgman