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Re: Questions

--- Mickey Mortimer <Mickey_Mortimer111@msn.com>
> > Tyrannosaurids and nearly all
> > ornithomimids have an ischial foot.
> Tyrannosaurids lack an ischial foot.

What?! Do they or do they not?! Does Eotyrannus have
it or not!?

>> > 6 sacrals (or more) are only found
> > in ornithomimids like *Gallimimus,* oviraptorids
> where known, troodontids,
> > *Ornithodesmus,* *Confuciusornis* and higher
> birds, and tyrannosaurids.
> Sinovenator has only five sacrals (Xu et al., 2002),
> as do tyrannosaurids
> (Makovicky, 1995).  Other taxa with over five
> sacrals include some
> segnosaurs, Chirostenotes, some dromaeosaurs, some
> non-pygostylian avians,
> Avimimus, alvarezsaurids and (depending on how you
> define "sacral")
> Nomingia.

So could 5 sacrals up be a coelurosaurian character?

>  But also known in a
> couple basal taxa (Coelurus, Scipionyx), and missing
> in several
> maniraptorans (eg. some segnosaurs, Caudipteryx,
> Noguerornis).

which segnosaurs?

      Thanks A Lot!!
        Steven Mahon

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