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Re: encyclopedia of dinosaurs

HP Thomas,


Real good encyclopaedia:

The books you always ever wanted:
Donald F. Glut _Dinosaurs The Encyclopedia_ 1997 McFarland & Company,
Inc. Jefferson, North Carolina 
Donald F. Glut _Dinosaurs The Encyclopedia Supplement 1_ 2000
Donald F. Glut _Dinosaurs The Encyclopedia Supplement 2_ 2002
expensive but worth every cent! technical and highly detailed but

Nice recent coffee table book:
_Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs_ 2002 Publications International, Ltd.
Lincolnwood, Illinois 
many wonderful pictures including by our own DinoListers Luis V. Rey,
Kenneth Carpenter, Brian Franczak,& Daniel Varner (forgive me if I
missed anyone) 

A little long in the tooth by now, but expecting a new edition:
Philip J. Currie and Kevin Padian _Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs_ 1997
Academic Press (Harcourt Brace & Co.) San Diego, California 
chock full of details

There are a variety of others with illustrations mostly aimed at the 10
year old child in my 51 year old body.

Let me know if you wish further listings.

Michael Patrick Corriss
Miami Beach  

Thomas Hammann wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am looking for a real good encyclopedia of dinosaurs. Is there someone who 
> can tell me which books are actually "state of the art"?
> Thanks again in advance for any help,
> Thomas