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Re: encyclopedia of dinosaurs

mcorriss@gate.net (Michael Corriss) writes:

<< Nice recent coffee table book:
_Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs_ 2002 Publications International, Ltd.
Lincolnwood, Illinois 
many wonderful pictures including by our own DinoListers Luis V. Rey,
Kenneth Carpenter, Brian Franczak,& Daniel Varner (forgive me if I
missed anyone) >>

       Must be a new repackaging. This deal's about ten years old (or more). 
This was Brian Franczak's first big splash, I believe (surely hope to see more 
of his work someday). It featured some nice GSP images also. The publisher 
had an unfortunate way of marketing this beautiful book, however. It never hit 
the regular bookshelves. It went directly to the discount remainder tables, 
rather like those crappy movies that go direct to video. I no longer have a 
but I don't remember Luis in the first edition unless, of course, those brain 
cells have departed, which is entirely possible... DV