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Re: encyclopedia of dinosaurs

Believe me, I haven't even seen a copy of  this new edition... so lucky  
I know they were going to print some of my stuff but... never managed to get a 
The old edition is still one of my favorite dinosaur books.

Danvarner@aol.com wrote:

> mcorriss@gate.net (Michael Corriss) writes:
> << Nice recent coffee table book:
> _Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs_ 2002 Publications International, Ltd.
> Lincolnwood, Illinois
> many wonderful pictures including by our own DinoListers Luis V. Rey,
> Kenneth Carpenter, Brian Franczak,& Daniel Varner (forgive me if I
> missed anyone) >>
>        Must be a new repackaging. This deal's about ten years old (or more).
> This was Brian Franczak's first big splash, I believe (surely hope to see more
> of his work someday). It featured some nice GSP images also. The publisher
> had an unfortunate way of marketing this beautiful book, however. It never hit
> the regular bookshelves. It went directly to the discount remainder tables,
> rather like those crappy movies that go direct to video. I no longer have a 
> copy,
> but I don't remember Luis in the first edition unless, of course, those brain
> cells have departed, which is entirely possible... DV

Luis Rey

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