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Re: Galtonia gibbidens and bullatus = ?

Tommy Bradley (htomsirveaux@mybluelight.com) asked about "bullatus" and
*Galtonia gibbidens.*

  First, *Galtonia gibbidens* honors Peter M. Galton, a worker on "prosauropods"
and Triassic/Jurassic ornithischians, and as common with taxa based on names in
thast manner, it is _Galton_ + -ia, forming a new noun; _gibbidens_ derives from
the Latin _gibbus_, _gibbi-_, or "hump," as in _gibbosus_ (humpbacked) and
refers to the swollen shape of the type tooth, original refered to
*Thecodontosaurus* as a new species, *T. gibbidens*, by E. D. Cope. It is now
considered by Hunt and Lucas (since 1994) to belong to an ornithischian, and a
rather large one, and so they granted it a new name.

  Second, *Gallimimus bullatus,* refers to the swollen appearance of the
parasphenoid rostrum, or cultriform process, ordinarily a vertical plate that
tapers rostrally and bears the insertions to numerous palatal and intracranial
muscles. A _bulla_ was a Latin ball made of brass and was inserted on the ends
of a brass ring worn around the neck of youths, or the arm of ladies and men
alike; it means "inflated ball" or something similar to this affect, and has
since being used in *G. bullatus* (_bullatus_, "bearing a bulla") been a
reference to this structure in ornithomimids and troodontids.


  Jaime A. Headden

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