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Re: encyclopedia of dinosaurs

Hello all...

First: Re: Nice recent coffee table book: _Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs_
2002 Publications International, Ltd. Lincolnwood, Illinois

>lucky  Michael...
You bet! Doubly so since my brother brought it down to me some months
ago from St.Augustine - he said it was too cheap to pass up - I haven't
any idea how much it cost or where he got it, though.
I note it was "Manufactured in China" with 360 illustrations and photos.

The book is 14 inches horizontally and 10.25 inches vertically. 

The full colour dust jacket is the same as the covers, with the front
sporting Joe Tucciarone's drawing with a purple sky and several meteors
streaking diagonally from the upper right to lower left. Two
tyrannosaurs worrying a _Triceratops_ are in the forground. We (Graves
Museum - Dania) have a huge copy hanging on the wall behind where once
_Bambiraptor_ stood. [aside- air conditioning has broken down at the
museum and there's no money to fix it and who knows....the musuem may
close and the _Edmontosaurus_ I and a dozen others have been working on
for 2 years may never get displayed. Money, money, money, if only we had
The back cover and dust jacket has Luis' wonderful pair of
_Gigantosaurus_ flanking an _Amargasaurus_ (9"x6.25") as well as inside
the text on page 253 (full 14"x10.25") - and thus is presented three
times! ( http://www.luisrey.ndtilda.co.uk/html/gigan256.htm ) Luis is
also represented with a full page _Carcharodontosaurus_ pair against
_Aegyptosaurus_ ( http://www.luisrey.ndtilda.co.uk/html/carch256.htm ) ,
a small detail of _Caudipteryx_ without the background (
http://www.luisrey.ndtilda.co.uk/html/caudorg.htm ), another small
drawing - a clutch of _Utahraptor_s ganging up on _Astrodon_, and
finally another small version of Luis' _Archaeopteryx_ (
http://www.luisrey.ndtilda.co.uk/html/archaeo.htm ). All of Luis' stuff
is in the final chapter #9 "New Discoveries", no doubt an addendum.
Luis, I'll see if my brother can't get another copy. Are you going to be
at SVP?
(I just had a parasite photo of mine ( http://www.mcorriss.com/PC1.html
) published last week in F. Rochette _Cat Parasites and Their Control_
2003 Janssen Animal Health B.V.B.A. Beerse, Belgium and I've been
promised a copy - I can hardly wait for it - I hope they do send it,
although I was already sent a copy of  _Dog Parasites and Their Control_
1999 which is gorgeous and stuffed with data.)

I plead haste in my first missive (I wrote 5 minutes before I left for
work) for having missed Greg especially since one of my favourites
illustration was included among the 71 attributed to him - the lazing
_Deinonychus_ scratching the back of his head with the "terrible claw",
although they're all favourites.

I also missed Berislav Krzic (a trio of _Triceratops_ being attacked by

Second: Re: Glut's
>lucky  Michael...
Yup! Definitely. <bragging> I managed to obtain all three volumes for
just $102 brand new in perfect condition through eBAY with only one
competitor because they weren't properly described. Listed only as
Dinosaur Encyclopedias x3 and page counts without the authors name.

Michael Patrick Corriss
Miami Beach