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Photos and SVP

Hello, once again (such prolixity!):

I note no photos (cameras and recorders) are allowed at the poster
session - embargo.

What kind of limitations are there on photos (for private use, etc.)

I'll have a pair of my Olympus 35mm SLRs and a pair of electronic
cameras and a tripod. I favour ambient light photography.

Also - anyone out there wish my (amateur) services on the specimens they
have worked on while I'm at SVP? I have some facility with squeezing a
shutter. I offer just for the price of printing paper and ink with a
limitation of 13 inch by 19 inch glossy colour prints with the 35mm from
my scanner and printer.

I'll be the skinny 6 footer shoulder-length dirty blond wearing a pith
helmet (and probably shivering - I think it's cold when it drops below
75 deg F).

Michael Patrick Corriss