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About that Dino Movie "Sound of Thunder"...

Doesn't look like it's going be a dino fest, as least in a traditional


Peter Hyamswho is directing the SF film A Sound of Thunder, based on Ray
Bradbury's short storytold SCI FI Wire that the movie will greatly expand
the slim premise of Bradbury's original time-travel tale, with the
legendary writer's blessing. "We took it a great deal farther, actually,"
Hyams said in an interview at Bradbury's 83rd birthday celebration at the
Planetary Society in Pasadena, Calif.

Hyams (Timecop, 2010) said that the script, by Clement Enlatarne, takes
off from Bradbury's story, about a big-game hunter who goes back in time
to hunt a dinosaur and inadvertently changes the future. Hyams, who is no
fan of hunting, has changed the character (played by Edward Burns) into a
genetic researcher who is going back in time to take DNA readings in an
effort to reconstitute wildlife that has vanished from the Earth in the
future. "And when they come back from one of these [time trips], things
begin to change, and they don't know why things begin to change," Hyams
said. "And the changes escalate." After a number of subsequent time trips,
Hyams said, "the city is actually turned into a primordial jungle. What
you're basically seeing is evolution gone berserk, so the few people that
are left are in fact the prey. And what is hunting them are things that no
one's ever seen before."