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RE: Tyrant boots (was RE: Questions)

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> Wilson, Yvonne
> Okay, folks, I'm in Pittsburgh, on top of the T. rex holotype.  Are you
> looking for an ischial foot or the pubic one?  You would think there is a
> small expansion of the distal ischium, until you notice that the
> last 10 cm
> or so of each has been artfully plastered. There's nothing anyone
> would call
> a foot, with or without plaster.

Aha! My suspicion, then, without getting the X-rays and such, is that the
original is simply lacking the distal portion, and was restored with the
expansion after Allosaurus (then the only adequate model for T. rex). The
Carnegie specimen is (in)famous for some restorations that, in hind sight,
are rather unfortunate.

>  The pubic boot is a real honker,

That it is!!!

> but
> broken caudally.

> Unless we x-ray it, there's no determining how far the bone extends under
> the ischial plaster.  Looking at the way they did the skull (the bones of
> which we just removed from the plaster in the reconstruction), the bone
> could extend far beneath the plaster, close to the end.  When Carnegie
> Museum gets around to revamping Dino Hall, perhaps that x-ray
> will be done.
> The specimen will be remounted, anyway.

That is most excellent to hear!!  That skull, and those feet, need fixin'...

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