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Re: Hall Train's Tyrannosaurus Again

I think he has made several stop-motion discovery channel documentarys.  The
style seams consistant, with the models being composited into footage of
actual scenery, only a million times better than WWD. The latest one
featured baby troodonts,  It aired several times here in Canada, don't know
if it aired elsewhere. Heres an article on the program:
http://www.exn.ca/Stories/2002/02/27/52.asp It has some really small images
of the Troodon model.


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Subject: Hall Train's Tyrannosaurus Again

>       Here's a rather low resolution image of the image of Train's
>Tyrannosaurus model that really impressed the hell out of me. Hope you
enjoy it, also.
>       http://www.candlewick.com/cwp/bookxtras.asp?isbn=0763614580&id=&;