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Sight for Saur Eyes! * Boning up for petrified passion * Loot easy where Rajasauras roamed * Dinosaur capital of the north? * DINOSAURNEWS

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**  Dinosaur capital of the north?
With the Grande Prairie-area becoming a hotbed for dinosaur finds, municipal
and college officials have begun wondering out loud about building the
province's second major dinosaur museum here in the northwest

**  T.rex - The Killer Question at the Natural History Museum
Discover how scientists analyse fossils and get to grips with some real-life
dinosaur skeletons in a series of family workshops to accompany the

**  Stolen Fossil Yet to Be Recovered
If the museum and police fail to find the fossil within one month,
compensation of A$40,000 (US$26,500) will be paid to the Beijing Natural
History Museum under an insurance policy taken out by the New South Wales


**  Did methane explosions wipe out dinosaurs?
Explosions of methane gas erupting from beneath the ocean floor with a force
10,000 times more powerful than the world's stockpile of nuclear weapons
could explain the mass extinction of more than 70 percent of life that
occurred on Earth 250 million years ago

**  Jurassic park is sight for saur eyes!
Four huge dinosaur statues, together with 25 other prehistoric reptiles and
mammals, were originally built in 1854 by Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins to sit
among the trees close to Joseph Paxton's historic glass palace

**  Feature Site -  Saurier Museum  Aathal
Featuring information on their current digging season. "Big surprise! The
skull of Stegosaurus Lili was right underneath the leg of Apatosaurus Chris
and it appears to be complete! This had to be celebrated with champagne!"

**  Dinosaur is newest Disney animatron
Lucky is patterned after the Gallimimus dinosaur, but designers took some
liberties to softenhis image so he wouldn't scare children

**  Boning up for petrified passion
A new book by a Sierra College professor brings to life the often-overlooked
legacy left by the dinosaurs and other prehistoric life in California

**  Loot easy where Rajasauras roamed
They say they can tell scientists from curio-hunters by the fees offered for
help: ''official'' types offer about Rs 30, others hundreds.

**  Dinosaur fossils draw crowd to match their size Exhibition expected to
break previous record
The museum recently scored an international coup by attracting the first New
Zealand exhibition of the fossilised Chinese dinosaurs, which once roamed
China about 150 million years ago

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