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Basal dinosaur I

A big Thank you to Bruno for reporting about a Middle Triassic (?Ladinian)
ceratosaur found in Brazil. So after 2 years of W4TP (1) we've finally got
the description.

> The presence of large size "thecodonts" (?Prestosuchus)
> the traversodontid (?Massetognathus) and medium size dicynodnts
> (? Dinodontosaurus), as well the absence of Upper Triassic
> vertebrates, permit to infer a Middle Triassic (?Ladinian) age
> for stratigraphic levels of ceratosaur material.

It would be nice to have a radiometric dating. Same problem here as with the two
unnamed dinosaurs from Madagascar (2); Is it a late surviving fauna or not?

But this dating would nicely match with the late Ladinian-early Carnian
heterodontosaurian maxillary mentionened in (3) by Mickey Mortimer.
BTW: Does anybody knows how this dating was determined?

> These findings partially corroborate the hypothesis that the divergence
> between Ceratosauria and Tetanurae occurred before Upper Triassic.
> However the presence of a typical Ceratosauria in the Middle Triassic
> (?Ladinian) permit to suppose that such divergence could be have occurred
> at the Anisian or even before.

I would bet on it.


Heinz Peter Bredow

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