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Re: Cryptovolans p./Microraptor g.

This message was sent to me personally, but it is forwarded here with
permission. Any comments are welcome.


Daniel Selvidge <dansel72020@yahoo.com> wrote:

 I believe that the creatures known as Microraptor gui and Cryptovolans
pauli are the same. I have not found any evidence to
change my mind of this except for one supposed difference between the
two.  I have seen it written that the manual digit proportions
of Cryptovolans pauli and Microraptor gui are different, but I do not
believe this to be so.  I have only seen restorations of the
Juvenile specimen?s hand being restored and used to compare to other
animals.  In addition, it is true that this juvenile specimen?s
Metacarpal I + phalanx I-1/ Metacarpal II ratio is different from that
of M. gui?s  0.81-0.84%.  However, I do not see this
discrepancy of ratios in the manus of the adult specimen (holotype).  My
studies of the photographs of this specimen has led me to
believe that the MI+pI-1/MII  ratio is the same as that of M. gui.  If
the articulated right hand of the specimen is examined carefully, it
can be seen that phalanx I-1 ends well before distal end of metacarpal
II, and the base of the claw can easily be seen at the end
phalanx.  It then comes out to a MI+pI-1/MII  ratio of around 0.85 or
less.  The difference seen in the juvenile specimen could very
well be due to the stage of growth that it was in at the time of its
death.  This same type of difference in digit proportions can be seen
in the manus of the juvenile and adult specimens of Archaeopteryx.  If
possible, could anyone out there verify my ideas about this
specimen?s manual proportions?  It would be gratefully accepted even if
it were in disagreement.


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