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Re: Encyclopaedia & A Field Guide to Dinosaurs plus a new CD from Australia

Mary wrote< Someone called my attention to the customer reviews for Luis
Rey's (with  Henry Gee) A Field Guide to Dinosaurs.  Luis couldn't have said
it better (or  funnier) if he had paid the people>

Mary & Thomas ,

Thought I might also remind folks that this excellent book has been in the
DINOSAURNEWS Bookshop for a few months now.  There are also several other
encyclopaedia and 196 other dinosaur titles of note. At
http://www.dinosaurnews.org  - just click on the BOOKS section

Might I also mention this latest CD 'The DINOSAUR ENCYCLOPAEDIA' from
Australia (version 7) which features:

* All you ever need to know about dinosaurs!
* All named dinosaurs and Mesozoic birds
* More than 250 illustrations
* More than 20,000 individual specimens listed
* More than 2,500 references
* Location maps, essays, and lots more!

Go to the NEWS section of DINOSAURNEWS and click on the banner to express
interest or place an order.  The author/publisher will contact inquirers

best wishes