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Hi dear list members!
I have a lot of questions during the time when I created a skeletal
reconstruction of O.philoceratops. Here are some of them:
 If O.philoceratops have a crest like Citipati or its skull lacks that
 If its holotype contains the pelvis, hindlimbs, sacral & caudal
vertebrates? If anyone have a picture of this specimen please send it to
me. The only pictures that I have are skulls.
 Could also anyone send to me the following papers
Clark, J. M., Norell, M. A. & Barsbold, R., 2001: Two new oviraptorids
(Theropoda: Oviraptorosauria), Upper Cretaceous Djadokhta Formation, Ukhaa
Tolgoh, Mongolia.
Norell et all., 1994: A theropod dinosaur embryo and the affinities of the
Flaming Cliffs dinosaur eggs.
Thanks a lot in advance