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Re: Eumaniraptora stuff again......

Steven Mahon wrote-

> I've been reading previous posts about Eumaniraptoran
> phylogeny, & the whole "is *Archaeopteryx* a bird"
> thing. I've found some posts that say Dromaeosauridae
> is paraphyletic, & some dromies are closer to birds
> than others. Could someone sort this out for me?

As Mike said, unfortunately not.  I used to think Microraptor and
Sinornithosaurus (and presumably Cryptovolans and NGMC 91) were avialans
(closer to Aves than Deinonychus), but now I agree with the consensus that
they are basal dromaeosaurs.  It's always possible they are avialans, it
basically depends on how their birdlike characters counter their
dromaeosaur-like ones in the complex topology of a cladogram.  Cladistic
analyses could easily be constructed supporting either placement.

Mickey Mortimer