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Re: bitten stegosaur plates

rtravsky@uwyo.edu (Richard W Travsky) writes:

<< I tried it with THREE different browsers, didn't work. tried it again
just now, three different browsers, still doesn't work. There's only
a fortune city icon in the upper left corner. 

Can't even view the page source. This is a blank page. It's pushin' up
the daisies. It's not pinin' for the fjords... >>

       I can't explain it, Rich, still comes up loud and clear for me on 
Internet Explorer at 11 PM EDT. Why don't you try Google.com and plug in 
"Harryhausen filmography". Fight off the pop-ups and go to "The Animal World" 
and click 
on "images". You should be able to find it there. I've tried it successfully 
numerous times. DV