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Ichthyornis Predentary?

Darren Naish wrote of the suggestion that *Ichthyornis* probably didn't have a
predentary, forwarding the idea that this was neomorphic to ornithischians
exclusively within dinosaurs (it would be neomorphic even if convergent, but
that's not the point); Clarke's thesis is clear on the matter (pp. 145-146), in
which she notes that, while inferred for *I. dispar* on the basis of description
in *Hesperornis* and *Parahesperornis,* its presence is absent and apparently
the mandibular rami were well-capable of articulating without leaving a facet or
fossa that would accomodate a predentary, as noted for *Hesperornis* (Martin,
1987). *Ichthyornis,* despite the absence of further descriptive commentary on
hesperornithids, lacked a predentary bone.

Martin, L. D. 1987. The beginning of the modern avian radiation. _Documents des
Laboratories de Geologie_ 99: 9-20.


  Jaime A. Headden

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