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Re: Oviraptor

Seeing as how no one else has replied to this yet...

George "Gera" Mirantsev (georgemirantsev@mail.ru) wrote:

<I have a lot of questions during the time when I created a skeletal
reconstruction of O.philoceratops. Here are some of them:
 If O.philoceratops have a crest like Citipati or its skull lacks that crest.>

  The holotype and only known specimen of *O. philoceratops* preserves an
incomplete skull, which is complete from the jaw to just above the orbits, and
does not include the premaxilla, but does show that the parietal had a midline
crest as in "Rinchenia", aka *Oviraptor mongoliensis.* This suggests it had a
crest as in "Rinchenia," rather than in *Citipati.*

<If its holotype contains the pelvis, hindlimbs, sacral & caudal vertebrates? If
anyone have a picture of this specimen please send it to me. The only pictures
that I have are skulls.>

  The holotype of *O. philoceratops* includes the skull, 8 sequential caudal
cervical vertebrae, most anterior dorsals, ribs, the forelimbs and shoulder,
including furcula, and the anterior ilium, but no hindlimbs, sacrum, or tail.
Figures of the material are being sent privately.


  Jaime A. Headden

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