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RE: Ave Maria

Sorry Mike - Jeff Beck took over for Eric "Slowhand" Clapton.  When he
left, Jimmy Page took over.  You can see Beck playing lead for the
Yardbirds on "Train Kept A-rollin'" in the movie "Blowup" (1966), with
Jimmy Page playing as well!  [The movie starred David Hemmings and
Vanessa Redgrave - also in the film were Sarah Miles, Jane Birkin, and
Verushka].  Beck destroys a guitar at the end of the song, which the
'hero' (Hemmings) fights for most of (He ended up with the neck).  Yes,
I know way toooo much about old movies and rock music.  :-)  

Yardbirds would be where on the Dinosaur cladogram?  (I know, "Aves" ;-o

Allan Edels 

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> It doesn't, but what is Aves now if it isn't a class?

A clade (as are _Dinosauria_ and _Reptilia_).

(Wait a minute -- Jeff Beck wasn't a Yardbird.... good pun tho'.)

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