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Alligator Bite Study

Came across this by chance. I thought this had been fairly well
studied and didn't need more study...


FORT MYERS, Fla. -- A new study has revealed that an alligator's powerful
jaws exert more force than any animal ever tested.

The jaws of one 13-foot 8-inch long wild alligator in the study exerted
nearly 3,000 pounds of force.

That's compared to a hyena -- which chomps down with about 1,000 pounds of
force -- and a lion, which bites with about 940 pounds of force.

The study was recently completed by scientists from the University of
Florida, Florida State University and Northern Arizona University.

They collected data by getting alligators to chomp down on leather-covered
bars that could measure force and store the figure in a digital reader.
About 80 gators were used in the study, but only about 45 of those bit the
measuring bar.